This week was both the first week of 2020 and CES! It was the week Anki’s Vector robot was SAVED (yay! Newsletter done, nothing else matters!), Lyft and Uber open-sourced AI tools, Samsung revealed a home robot ball, Panasonic showed off the first ultra HD VR glasses and more!

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Samsung's Ballie, Vector robot and Panasonic's Ultra HD VR glasses

Samsung’s Ballie, Vector has been SAVED and Panasonic’s Ultra HD VR glasses


Virtual Reality

Pimax reveals $449 Artisan VR headset, claims Vision 8K X is in production

Pimax’s 8K headset announced last year finally entered mass production, and announcing a new entry-level model at a $449 price point.

5 million PlayStation VRs have now been sold

That’s a pretty solid number announced at CES 2020.

CES 2020: Charmin trolls tech industry with VR-equipped porta-potty

Is having a shared Oculus Rift S in a bathroom really the most sanitary of ideas though?

CES 2020: Panasonic unveils world’s first ultra HD VR eyeglasses

Their VR glasses reportedly offer HDR visuals without the screen-door effect.

Pico reveals Neo 2 eye VR headset with eye tracking and boundless XR

This headset brings tetherless PC VR and a completely standalone mode, each with 4K maximum resolution and 6DoF tracking.

Mozilla announces deal to bring Firefox Reality to Pico devices

Firefox Reality is coming to Pico’s latest VR headset too.

Take a load off with the Oculus Quest VR balance comfort counterweight

Finding the headset is a bit too front heavy? This could solve your problems!


Augmented Reality

China-based startup 0glasses looks to challenge Nreal Light with its RealX augmented reality smartglasses

There’ll be a few competitors popping up, 0glasses won’t be the last!

Samsung demos AR smartglasses, virtual workout partner at CES

Samsung showed they’ve got AR smartglasses in the works as they had a pair up on stage, but didn’t give too much detail on them.

Wayray unveils its first full colour holographic AR display at CES 2020

The company has also begun a strategic partnership with Covestro.

Vuzix reveals next-gen M4000 enterprise smartglasses, shows off smart swim AR wearable for aquatic athletes

The M4000 will be priced starting from US$2,499.

Nreal Light intros Nebula for augmented reality interfaces on Android apps, AR cloud, & 6DoF controllers

Nreal is looking to bring the whole Android app ecosystem into augmented reality which sounds pretty darn cool.

Nintendo president says the company is exploring new ways to use AR

“With Labo VR having proved a success, Nintendo is now eyeing augmented reality as its next venture”.

Android Chrome browsers get more WebXR support via open source platform A-Frame & ARCore

That means you can use A-Frame to build web based AR powered by the WebXR standard!

That’s not smart: crowdfunded glasses order took three years

The Vue smartglasses had a bunch of delays and are quite similar to Bose’ smartglasses (but these are prescription lenses for indoor use). It sounds like the volume is a bit too low and not quite as practical as hoped.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Digital Dream Labs will revive shuttered startup Anki’s Vector robot

In the best news of 2020 — Vector will have a renewed life with a new company that plans on improving the platform so that it can live even independently of Digital Dream Labs some day.

iRobot’s IFTTT support lets smart home devices talk to your Roomba

“Your robot vacuum can take orders from your thermostat thanks to an IFTTT partnership”.

Citizen’s Alexa smart speaker is like a Sonos one with an analog clock

They apparently also showed Sensory Time — their “new line of scent diffusing alarm clocks”.

Comma.AI launches Comma Two, a $999 kit that imbues cars with assisted driving features

It only works with select car models but could be a good solution for those with those cars who want a DIY assisted driving experience.

PiBo is a robotic companion for single people

Best line of CES 2020 coverage so far — “PiBo will love you as only a robot with a two-hour battery life can”.

Samsung shows creepy AI bots, cute robot ball helpers at CES 2020

Samsung showed off Ballie, a smart home robot ball, which I can’t help but think someone is going to slip on really soon.

Lyft releases Flyte, a platform for maintaining AI workflows

Lyft’s Flyte AI and machine learning workflow management platform is now available in open source.

Uber open-sources Manifold, a visual tool for debugging AI models

Uber’s Manifold is a visual debugging tool for AI and machine learning development tasks.

Bzigo uses AI and a laser pointer to detect mosquitoes in your home

This creation uses AI with a laser pointer and can provide real-time notifications on your phone.

Mysterious drones are flying over Colorado and Nebraska, and nobody knows why

The mystery remains unsolved.

Facebook bans deceptive deepfakes and some misleadingly modified media

This really does feel like we’re living in the future now as mainstream social media needs policies around deepfakes.

US announces AI software export restrictions

The US are banning the export of AI-powered tools for analysing satellite imagery.

Recycle sorting robot with Google Coral

A great use of tech! A robotic arm that uses object detection to recognise different recycling materials.

D-link security cameras get edge AI to detect glass breaks and people

“On-device AI is making security cameras smarter and faster than ever before, as shown by the glass breaking and human detection features of these options”.

Baidu has a new trick for teaching AI the meaning of language

“Inspired by a difference between Chinese and English, it shows how AI research benefits from diversity”.


Internet of Things and Makers

Too much, yet not enough: Amazon’s Echo Studio, Echo Flex, and Fire TV cube

A nice overview of the different Echo devices out there and the complications that come with trying to use them all.

Arduino introduces low-code way to design IoT hardware

Arduino showed a new low-code solution for product creators designing IoT hardware and revealed its Portenta chip family — “The Portenta H7 module is capable of running Arduino code, Python, and JavaScript, making it accessible to an even broader audience of developers.”

Arduino wristwatch has LED hands

This is a pretty nice Arduino-powered wristwatch!


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