This week, we’ve got a lot of news still rolling in for the start of the year! Intel’s VR tech could bring your actual hands into VR, Lenovo’s VR headset has a neat flip-up feature and an Apple patent just might show their upcoming AR iPhone.

Intel's VR that shows your actual hands, Lenovo's tilt-up functionality and a patent for what might be the next AR iPhone

Intel’s VR hand wizardry, finally a modern VR headset that flips up and is it the AR iPhone?

Cisco Virtual Hackathon for Asia-Pacific

In the Asia-Pacific? There’s still time to enter this online hackathon and win $5-10k!


Virtual Reality

Epic Games CEO: “HTC Vive is outselling Oculus Rift 2-to-1 worldwide”

He believes it’s because of Oculus’ walled garden ecosystem.

This VR headset is the size of a pair of sunglasses but can rival the Oculus Rift

It’s more like Google Cardboard but this reviewer loved it. I’ve put this one into a lot of my conference talks in the past! I think it needs a name change.

Lenovo’s VR headset has the flip-up functionality we always wanted

A useful feature of one of the new Microsoft VR headsets, if only it flipped up higher!

It’s a little early for the trough of disillusionment

“A call for patience, and a plea for VR prognosticators to consider realistic timelines”

The inside story of Google’s Daydream, where VR feels like home

WIRED has a look at Google Daydream.

Intel’s Merged Reality demo brings actual hands into VR on Oculus Rift

It allows you to see your hands (not virtual ones) and interact in VR.

Nintendo Switch’s new controllers could be perfect for VR

There’s no sign of VR on the horizon yet, but this could be the first step.

Mark Grob’s common sense rules for working in virtual reality

Interesting list for those looking to work with VR.

Exploring the idea of dynamic perspectives in virtual reality

Perspectives and how to really play with them is still a new concept in VR.


Augmented and Mixed Reality

Apple patent paves way for iPhone with full-face display, HUD windows

This Apple patent might be the start of the edge-to-edge screen iPhone with AR capabilities we’ve been hearing about.

How do augmented reality displays work?

This article goes into some nice detail.

Philips announces new augmented reality spine surgery navigation tech

AR is finding valuable usage in spinal surgery.

The first ever augmented reality climbing wall

It’s located in Finland, so if you’re nearby, check it out!

Google’s Tango: Now your phone lets you explore history beyond museum exhibits

Google is partnering with museums around the world to add AR to exhibits.



Vector, maker of smartwatches with 30 days battery life, is joining Fitbit

Fitbit’s smartwatch abilities are growing with every acquisition!

New wearable device for Parkinson’s patients brings hope

The GyroGlove aims to reduce tremors using built-in gyroscopes.

Smartwatches could soon tell you when you’re getting sick

They’ll monitor stats to let you know the moment anything looks off.

Mixed reality through audio with Noah Kraft of Doppler Labs

Noah chats in this TechCrunch video about bringing computing to our ears. As I said last week, wearables aren’t dead. Noah sees smart headphones as the next computing platform and makes great points about why.

The Bragi Headphone is finally shipping

If you ordered one, it should be arriving soon.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Thanks to AI, computers can now see your health problems

This is really neat and could save lives.

Saving you bandwidth through machine learning

It uses machine learning to make high quality versions of low-res images.

Why Amazon’s Echo is totally dominating — and what Google, Microsoft, and Apple have to do to catch up

Alexa is winning, the others are rushing to catch up.

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot update adds “Computer” wake word to help complete the Star Trek fantasy

Tired of calling her Alexa? Why not “Computer”?

Unable to fund production of its camera drone, Lily will shut down and refund customers

Despite $34 million in preorders, no luck… sad news.

HTC’s new flagship phone has AI and a second screen, but no headphone jack

It has AI that will learn your habits & suggest things like when you should charge your battery or dress warm on a cold day.

Designing for voice interactions

Cathy Pearl has a free O’Reilly webinar where she’ll talk about designing for voice.

Building the ideal stack for machine learning

Steven Camina is hosting an O’Reilly webinar too which looks valuable!


Internet of Things

An intro to soldering and desoldering

An skill all makers must inevitably learn!

Remi is a smart bedside clock that trains kids to sleep

Remi “helps parents learn if the child is moving in the right direction when it comes to sleep routines”.

Build your own Death Star…sort of

It uses a Raspberry Pi and LEDs… you’ve gotta see this.

The first 64-bit and enterprise OS comes to Raspberry Pi 3

The SUSE Linux distro was able to be run on the system.

Compute Module 3 is out now

The new Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 provides a faster option for real world products, for those using the older Compute Module.

The privacy threat from always-on microphones like the Amazon Echo

A look at the issue from a privacy perspective by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Echo kill switch

Make your own Echo kill switch using Particle.

Google’s Makers Survey

Google want to make tools for makers and are running this survey to see what you all think would be most helpful.


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