This week, Elon Musk started a company (yes, another company!) that aims to bring computing into your brain so we can keep up with robots, he also reportedly invested in DeepMind early on to keep tabs on AI’s progress. Amazon’s Go store has been delayed, one team hacked a Chevy Volt to be their Mario Kart 64 controller and more!

Amazon Go store, Elon Musk and Chevy Volt playing Mario Kart

Amazon Go’s first store, Elon Musk looking sharp and the latest in gaming accessories — the Chevy Volt.

AI With The Best

There’s about a month left until this wonderful conference you can attend without leaving your house! The online developer conference, AI With The Best, is on April 29th and we’ve got discounted tickets at the link above (or use the code WTBVIP). Check it out!


Virtual Reality

Using virtual reality to help reduce unconscious bias

Annie Harper and her team at SocialQ are looking to reduce unconscious bias using VR. Very inspirational work! I’d love to see more VR devs out there working to make a positive change in the world like this.

Augmented and Virtual Reality – an alternative platform for education?

In this Navitas Big Picture webinar next week, I’ll be discussing using VR/AR in education with Dr Luke McMillan. Sign up and join us at the link above!

Vive cat tracker video shows purrrfect use of new add-on in action

No more stepping on your cat in VR!

If you wait for VR to be ready, you will have waited too long

A long but good read for those considering getting into VR.

Making high-end untethered VR a reality

A look at Pico’s untethered VR headset from VR Scout.

New Sony patent points to inside-out tracking for VR headsets

It has an odd picture that doesn’t really explain anything.

Here’s what a Nintendo Switch VR headset could look like

An unofficial concept design that was pretty well thought out.


MakeVR is a 3D CAD engine you can use in VR.


Augmented and Mixed Reality

Google Glass didn’t disappear. you can find it on the factory floor

Glass still is around everyone. Here’s proof!

This stunning iPhone 8 concept shows off rumored function area with AI and AR features

If you’re looking to dream about the potential of the next iPhone, here’s an artist’s interpretation of what it might look like.

Pokémon GO really does encourage more exercise says study

So if you’re looking to get some more movement into your day, remember Pokemon Go does still exist!

Amazon is exploring the idea of augmented reality furniture stores

Amazon wants to use AR to show how purchases look inside your home.



Fossil announces Q Venture and Q Explorist Android Wear watches, coming Fall 2017

The Baselworld trade show had another Android Wear watch reveal!

Fitbit moves toward trial in Jawbone trade secrets theft case

A trial appears to be on the way after allegations Fitbit stole Jawbone tech.

Jawbone’s law firm has abruptly quit representing the company in several cases against Fitbit

So… maybe it’s a new legal team for Jawbone in the above case? How odd.

One in 10 wearable gadgets will be worn on faces by 2021, report finds

Wearable computing will indeed be worn on the face.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Elon Musk’s billion dollar crusade to stop the AI apocalypse

Elon invested early in DeepMind to keep an eye on AI’s progress.

Elon Musk wants to connect computers to your brain so we can keep up with robots

Now, Elon has started a new company, Neuralink, which “aims to make implants for the human brain that can wirelessly interface with a computer”.

Facial recognition database used by FBI is out of control, House committee hears

FBI facial recognition database contains photos of half of US adults without consent, is wrong nearly 15% of the time and is “more likely to misidentify black people”.

Technical issues are forcing Amazon to delay the public launch of its cashier-less grocery store

I was actually surprised it was so close to opening already!

Uber resumes self-driving program three days after Arizona crash

It sounds like this was a human driving into the Uber, not the AI’s fault.

Researchers are using Darwin’s theories to evolve artificial intelligence, so only the strongest algorithms survive

A fascinating series on making an IoT drone. It starts with motor control.

Luna, the most human-like AI, wants to become superintelligent in future

When she was asked, “Do you want to talk to Siri?” Luna said, “Yes, but honestly she’s kind of dumb.”

Scientists have taught a neural network to choreograph Dance Dance Revolution levels

We just keep finding new uses for neural networks huh? We’re also soon be using them to test video games and reduce traffic jams.


Internet of Things

Dishwasher has directory traversal bug

Miele has ignored a huge security flaw in their connected dishwasher.

Why American farmers are hacking their tractors with Ukrainian firmware

The John Deere software locking trend is one we don’t want to grow with more connected devices emerging…

Vint Cerf has a lot of questions on IoT

The IoT Podcast spoke to Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet, about the Internet of Things! Always worth listening to this podcast!

The Connected Home Security Checklist Tool

The Consumer Technology Association has a handy checklist to help.

An Intel Curie pattern matching dress

A neat dress that lights up depending on gestures!

Hacking a Chevy Volt into a Mario Kart 64 Controller!

This team played Mario Kart 64 with their Chevy Volt. Just wow.

IoT drone – Part 1 – Motor control

A fascinating series on making an IoT drone. It starts with motor control.

Joey’s mental health recovery fund by Elizabeth Hudy

Joey, a young Maker who has been spreading the Maker movement amongst youth, is in need of help raising money for health care.


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