This week, machine learning stole the show as it put together super realistic 3D game walking animations (seriously impressive stuff!) while also working to help rescue bees, diagnose lung cancer and learn to detect sarcasm (even more impressive! No sarcasm intended…). What a week!

Lung cancer imagery, 3D character animations and bees

Diagnosing lung cancer, fixing our animations and helping rescue bees, is there anything AI can’t do?


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Virtual Reality

Nvidia unveils proof-of-concept multi headset PC

It can run four HTC Vives at once!

Fake walls, real shocks: VR system simulates physical barriers

Researchers found a way to simulate walls in VR by shocking the player’s muscles. Kinda cool!

How we can use VR to relive memories, and how it changes the past

A look at how 360 video and VR experiences changes things.

Nvidia launched new SDKs to make VR development simpler

Nvidia is expanding the capabilities of its VRworks toolkit to streamline the development process.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles using VR training for trauma situations

VR’s ability to immerse you in an environment could be well suited to this sort of training scenario.

Study: virtual avatars change real life behavior

VR avatars might help influence people to move to healthier habits.

Facebook is shutting down its award-winning Oculus story studio

This makes me quite sad.

Web based virtual reality

Tanay Pant explains WebVR at Codemotion Rome 2017.


Augmented and Mixed Reality

Smartphones won’t be replaced by VR and AR headsets, yet

This week, the “death of the smartphone” phrase started to be thrown around again. UploadVR looks at why we’re not there just yet.

Zuckerberg thinks Facebook was “late” to competing with Snapchat, is now “ahead”

Mark believes Facebook has leapfrogged Snapchat in the race to AR now.

Augmented reality is coming to banner ads

Blippar is putting this together… not sure if this is the best use of the tech…



Apple named world’s largest wearables vendor with an estimated 3.5m Apple Watch shipments in Q1 2017

Fitbit shipped an estimated 2.9m devices, Xiaomi shipped 3.4m.

All of the Android Wear devices announced or released in 2017 so far

Struggling to keep up? Here’s a handy list.

Dartmouth researchers develop a smartwatch that can move on your wrist

This looks kinda cool but I worry it’ll be something that breaks easy?

Fitbit CEO denies upcoming smartwatch is delayed

Hopefully it’s all on track then?

Fitbit blazes past revenue forecast, shares rise

Now there’s some good wearable news — sadly, I don’t think it’ll end the “wearables are dead” articles.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

These incredible game animations were made with a neural network

AI really does make a huge difference in these animations!

Nvidia’s AI may keep watch over smart cities of the future

Their deep learning AI systems might interpret video surveillance data.

Updating Google Maps with Deep Learning and Street View

Google use their street view data to update maps in a pretty smart way!

AI that detects sarcasm and irony? Perfect ?

AI is going to need to understand our sarcasm at some point.

Tesla wants to make self-driving cars a reality by collecting more video data from drivers

Tesla is asking vehicle owners for permission to collect more video data. It’ll be interesting to see if this approach works!

Chinese startup Infervision emerges from stealth with an AI tool for diagnosing lung cancer

Lung cancer is a huge issue in China and this startup wants to help.

Melissa-AI’s new Melisandre UI

Melisandre, a futuristic UI, is all ready for the Python-based virtual assistant Melissa. If you’ve used Melissa, give it a go!

Microsoft’s new head of research has spent his career building powerful AI — and making sure it’s safe

Eric Horvitz has been working to make machines self aware for 30 years.

This beekeeper is rescuing bees with deep learning and an iPhone

Saving bees with AI!

Robot completes delicate eye surgery in first

Would you feel more comfortable with a robot working on your eye?

Magnetic robot can perform colonoscopies

Or what about a colonoscopy?

Artificial intelligence is coming for law firms

Or your legal case?


Internet of Things

Amazon’s touchscreen Echo with video calling could be announced tomorrow

The new Amazon “Echo Show” with a 7-inch touchscreen, could be announced by the time this newsletter comes out! It might come in two colours, black and white.

Get ready for Cortana-powered Amazon Echo clones

Here’s a closer look at the first of the Cortana-powered Amazon Echo clones coming our way.

Google releases DIY open source Raspberry Pi ‘Voice Kit’ hardware — here’s how to get it

A cardboard, Raspberry Pi-powered Google Home!

IoT Developer’s Studio: Stargazing

A Particle Photon powered observatory!!!

Hundreds of apps can listen for marketing “beacons” you can’t hear

Ultrasonic beacons are becoming even more popular with marketers. Here’s how to shut them out.


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Thanks for this issue! =D
I am much interested in the “Augmented/Mixed Reality” part, as I think it is an absolutely lovable way to improve Technology (for instance, I always dreamed of doing a Ctrl+F in real life to find stuff in my house, will it be possible in 5 years?)
But I am afraid of “Augmented reality is coming to banner ads”. People (including my and my mates/neighbors/others)are more and more sick of ads, could it be on smartphones, TV, real life, or anything else. The first thing that will come after that is an IoT µBlock Origin, and the same fight will happen on IoT that happened on the Web. Users aren’t money, they are people, and industries need to change their minds about this.
Anyway, thank you for this awesome Issue, I never commented before, but I’ll try to do it more 😉

Thanks for the comment! Much appreciated! I agree about AR advertising… not sure it’s the best way to introduce the concept of AR to the masses.

My guess is that it’ll likely be blocked by existing ad blockers out there (at least the browser based AR ads that are coming).

Thanks for reading!

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