This week, Amazon released their newest Echo device, the Echo Show, Meta 2 AR headset demo footage was released in full, Palmer Luckey reemerged and is having a blast cosplaying (good on him!), the team behind Job Simulator have been acquired by Google and so much more! It was a huge week.

The Amazon Show, Meta 2 AR demo and Palmer Luckey in cosplay

The Amazon Show, Meta 2 AR demo and Palmer Luckey in cosplay!

What’s on in meetup, conference and hackathon land?

Constantly finding out about events once it’s too late? We’ve got an event calendar that’ll be updated with events around the world, filterable by city/country/region/tech! You can even subscribe to event categories/locations with your preferred calendar app and it automatically syncs for you!


Virtual Reality

Porting an existing game into VR with Radiant Crusade

Porting a game into VR is a huge undertaking! Eric from Radiant Crusade talks about their experiences — Some very valuable insights in this one!

In first interview since leaving Oculus, founder Palmer Luckey talks VR’s mobile future, Facebook, and cosplay

Palmer Luckey has emerged in a Japanese interview (part two is also here!)

Welcoming Owlchemy Labs to Google

Owlchemy Labs, creator of Job Simulator, has been bought by Google!

Oculus research reveals “groundbreaking” focal surface display

This might improve image clarity and bring depth of focus to VR. It may even let people who wear corrective lenses use VR without their glasses.

VR Frames – Glasses for Virtual Reality Headsets

Using VR with glasses and don’t want to wait for the Oculus tech to make it into an actual product? Here’s an interesting solution.

UploadVR sued over ‘rampant’ sexual behaviour in the workplace and wrongful termination

If these allegations are true… this isn’t the behaviour we want in the VR community. It is really bad stuff…

Pottery, piñatas and football: the brilliant ways people are using HTC’s Vive tracker

There are some super imaginative uses of the tracker out there!

Microsoft shows off its own mixed reality motion controllers

Speaking of trackers, Microsoft’s controllers use lights for motion tracking.

Virtual reality as possibility space

Reimagining what content could mean in this new age of VR!

Palmer’s post-Oculus interview, part 2: virtual relationships, sleeping under a bridge, & his next project

The post-Oculus life huh?

Cornell’s haptic skin gives VR a more human touch

An interesting demo of haptic feedback on a controller for VR.

Pornhub: VR porn gets 500,000 views a day

Pornhub has revealed some stats that show a lot of people are indeed using VR for pornography!

VR helps medical students learn how to impart bad news

MPathic VR is helping train medical students to have difficult conversations.


Augmented and Mixed Reality

Exclusive: Meta 2 AR demos revealed in full

Road to VR has recorded some exclusive footage of the Meta 2 AR demos!

I finally believe in Microsoft’s mixed reality vision

Devindra Hardawar says Microsoft’s HoloLens AR and VR hype is beginning to seem like reality.

WebVR for augmented reality

A look at why we should use WebVR for augmented reality from Jerome Etienne, who also released a pretty cool video of his AR framework in action.

X-ray vision surgeries could become reality with Microsoft’s HoloLens headset

Surgeons could soon be operating using X-ray vision via the HoloLens to see inside patients in real-time.

Augmented reality may extend treatment window for adult lazy eye

Scientists have restored visual function in the lazy eyes of patients outside of the currently accepted window for treatment using AR.

PayPal augmented reality patent puts comparison shopping stats in your face

PayPal are looking into AR solutions for the future of shopping.



Why wearables have become such a big deal in Asia

“It seems like everyone in Asia has a wearable.” — looks like wearables are much bigger over there!

Alex+ is back to tackle text neck

A personal posture coach that aims to fix your posture in “just a few weeks”.

Montblanc Summit guide: luxury Android Wear smartwatch now available

Montblanc’s first smartwatch is out! Here are some details.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Amazon unveils the $230 Echo Show, with a screen for calls, shipping June 28

Alexa’s AI is about to be able to show you content, have a camera to see you with and handle video calling. Will be interesting to see if this takes off. It will also soon “gain support for third-party display and video interfaces“, so you might be able to make your own (or other manufacturers may start to make their own).

Why Silicon Valley is all wrong about Amazon’s Echo Show

Chris Messina has a GREAT analysis of the Echo Show and what it means for Amazon and its aspirations as a company.

Microsoft launches a new service for training deep neural networks on Azure

Into Azure? Into neural networks? You’ve got to check this out!

Facebook posts its fast and accurate ConvNet models for machine translation on GitHub

If you’re keen to work out how they translate language super fast… it’s open for you to see!

Facebook’s latest AI add-on will teach chatbots to sound less robotic

ParlAI is a testing hub to train AI bots to be more conversational that’s available for you to try out.

Tonight Showbotics: Snakebot, Sophia, eMotion Butterflies

Stumbled upon this segment featuring robots on The Tonight Show.

How to design for the user… and the bot

Some valuable pointers for chatbot design.

5 new jobs of the robot generation

A look at some of the jobs that will emerge in the new AI future.

Anyone can teach this MIT robot how to teach other robots

It’s still early days but I can see this becoming the mainstream way of teaching robots how to do simple manual labour tasks.

AI is redesigning health tech faster than you think

A look at how AI is moving into healthcare.

Apple acquisition could help Siri make sense of your data

They’ve bought Lattice Data, an AI company that looks to make sense of unorganised data.

Microsoft Maluuba is teaching machines to ask questions

Using machine learning to improve personal assistant intelligence.

After Harman Kardon, HP signs on to launch Cortana-enabled devices, too

Both Harman Kardon and HP appear to be partnering with Microsoft to make their own Amazon Echo competitors.


Internet of Things

Mongoose OS — an open source IoT operating system

Mongoose OS is an open source, cross-platform operating system for connected microcontrollers. I spoke with Sergey, one of the developers of the platform, about how to get started and how it differs from other options.

Google-funded ‘super sensor’ project brings IoT powers to dumb appliances

A quicker, cheaper and easier way to create a smart home. I really like it!

Apple acquires ‘Beddit’ iPhone-Connected sleep monitoring system

It collects and analyzes sleep time and efficiency, heart rate, respiration, movement, snoring, room temperature, and room humidity.

Persirai: Mirai-a-like malware is your latest IoT security worry

It has infected 120,000 Chinese-made IP webcams so far.

Amazon’s Echo calling doesn’t let you block people

Anyone with your phone number and the Alexa app can call your Echo (or Echos if you have many in your house!). That’s not ideal… at all.

Amazon Echo gets its own ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit

Definitely a sign that the Echo is hitting the mainstream!

Adverts are coming to the Amazon echo, sort of

I’m not sure if this will become commonplace, surely it’ll bug people?

Measuring CO2 levels aka “the sleepyness multiplier”

Wondering why you’re feeling sleepy in your cubicle? Maybe this will solve that mystery for you! Interesting project!

Particle Photon flip dot clock

This dot matrix spins from black to yellow to display text, numbers and more!


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