This week, Amazon gave us the capability to block calls and messages on the Echo, Sesame Workshop and IBM are trying a new AI-powered teaching method for kids, and Make show how you can take photos through Raspberry Pi-powered binoculars!

IBM and Sesame Workshop team up for some AI-powered education, the Echo can block calls and you can make Pi-powered binoculars

IBM and Sesame Workshop team up for some AI-powered education, the Echo can block calls and you can make Pi-powered binoculars!

Virtual Reality

Making my first WebVR game using a-frame

A look at one dev’s experience making their first WebVR game using a-frame.

Gone with the wind: Vive’s deluxe audio strap sells out online

The upgraded head strap appears to be sold out everywhere.

NBA Finals prove that VR sports broadcasting is maturing, but there’s still missing pieces

A look at how VR sports streaming could improve. Good points made!

Microsoft ignores VR at its Xbox One X launch event

No mention of VR surprised everyone!

This is Intel’s plan to bring VR to eSports

They announced a partnership with the Electronic Sports League (ESL) and Oculus for a VR eSports league.

Prepare for Virtual Carnage with DOOM: VFR

They’re bringing Doom to VR in a new game coming to the Vive and PSVR.

Microsoft trademarks “Direct Reality” and it might be related to gaming.

Yep. More types of reality may be on the way…

The empathy machine: can VR stop bad city developments before they happen?

An interesting look at how VR could affect areas we haven’t yet considered.


Augmented and Mixed Reality

Here’s what the creator of Android thinks about the new technology that had Apple fans drooling this week

What Andy Rubin thinks about AR.

Snapchat’s next spectacles could come packing AR powers

Another mention of the AR spectacles that may be on their way.

Google’s Tango engineering director, Johnny Lee, on AR capabilities enabled by depth sensors

Johnny Lee makes an appearance on the Voices of VR podcast.

How augmented reality could save tech from itself

An indepth look at AR and tech from TechCrunch.

VR is in Apple’s future, but AR is the logical short term play

“The tools for a quality AR experience are already here, in the pockets of millions of users”.

Augmented reality company Meta sues former employee for stealing its tech

Not good to hear this sort of thing happening in AR too!

Augmented reality surgery just happened, for real

It is helping surgeons with patients undergoing ear, nose and throat surgery

Spektral raises $2.8 million for development of AI-powered green screen technology

This group is using AI to try to improve their augmented reality tech.

Arm microcontroller bare chip tutorial series

Aimed at serious developers wanting to learn programming and circuit building techniques for production.



Tapping into the brain: Neuroscience wearables explained

A really good overview of the neuroscience wearables out there.

The future of the connected self belongs to MIT: Wearable tech projects to watch

A really interesting list of wearable tech projects at MIT!

Upgrading your Apple Watch to watchOS 4 could require a new iPhone

The updates might require iOS 11 which won’t work on iPhone 5/5C or lower


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Do more! What Amazon teaches us about AI and the “jobless future”

A really nice look at how AI could help us, rather than take all our jobs.

Amazon now lets you block calls and messages to your Echo

Before this, you couldn’t stop people from calling your Echo, now you can!

WoeBot, the chatbot therapist, will see you now

This chatbot is designed to help people using Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Google’s smart keyboard recognizes your hand-scrawled emoji

Google’s machine learning now helps suggest phrases too.

Sesame workshop and IBM team up to test a new AI-powered teaching method

Looking into how AI can help build better educational apps for kids!

How I made a food recognizing bot for Telegram and why it doesn’t have a future (yet)

@ItadakimasuBot was this dev’s first attempt at a food recognising bot.

Waymo retires its cute self-driving car in favor of minivans

“By focusing on mass-produced vehicles like the Pacifica minivan, we’ll be able to bring fully self-driving technology to more people, more quickly”

Huawei might integrate voice assistant into its Wi-Fi routers

It’s a different approach to getting into voice assistants.

Samsung is reportedly building a Bixby speaker to rival Apple’s HomePod

Samsung are getting into the voice assistant speaker space too.

Customer service should mimic the 5 levels of autonomous cars

A look at bringing autonomy to customer service.

Open source, connected robot arm

hRobot is a 3D-printable robotic arm powered by ROS with 500g lift capacity!


Internet of Things

Free Arduino

The Arduino Foundation isn’t as sorted as we’d hoped it would be by now.

New malware turns Raspberry Pi into a rogue cryptocurrency mining device

Make sure you change your Pi away from the default username and password!

Heads up – WS2812B NeoPixels are about to change!

Particle discovered their NeoPixels started acting different. Here’s why.

Your smart speaker’s a pal, but will it protect your privacy?

Here’s how Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo and Google Home stack up when it comes to privacy concerns according to CNET.

‘Crash Override’: The malware that took down a power grid

The dangers of a connected power grid!

The first ever microcontroller with an integrated GPU

If your project needs graphics or video, this could be for you!

Herman Mller tries to cash in on our activity-tracking obsession

Herman Miller is releasing a line of smart furniture sensors called Live OS.

Take photos through these Raspberry Pi powered binoculars

Looking to view and take pictures at a distance? Here’s a neat idea!

Satellites are critical for IoT sector to reach its full potential

Satellite operators are investing and collaborating to develop services and hardware that can enable IoT.



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