This week, an Amazon Echo saved the day by calling the cops during a domestic dispute, linking WebVR experiences using A-Frame and Firefox Nightly is now possible, Jawbone is being liquidated and relaunched as a health startup and one bot is making some undeniably odd phone covers for Amazon.

Random bot generated phone cover, WebVR demo and Jawbone UP3

The most random bot created iPhone case designs, great WebVR progress and end of an era for Jawbone

Virtual Reality

SpatialStories — a new toolset for VR/AR storytelling

I interviewed Michaël Martin, apelab CTO, on their SpatialStories toolset for creating VR/AR apps, how it works and how people can give it a go.

Rift + Touch $399 for a limited time: Summer of Rift’s best deal yet

Been waiting for a deal? The Rift is even cheaper for a limited time!

Link traversal and portals in A-Frame

A-Frame 0.6 & Firefox Nightly now supports navigating across pages in VR!

Despite the ‘VR desert’ developers can still find ways to survive

An interesting discussion about the VR development ecosystem right now.

ViveNchill is a cooling solution for HTC Vive users with sweaty VR faces

ViveNchill will help banish foggy, sweaty headset issues for good.


A free worldwide directory of VR arcades.

Facial paralysis treatment aided with VR technology

Patients find working with a VR avatar easier than working with a mirror!

Basic VR interaction prototyping tutorial for designers — no coding required

Could be a good guide for those looking to give VR prototyping a go.

Blocks: easily create 3D objects in VR

Google have released a new VR app to create 3D objects in VR on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

bHaptics’ tactsuit is VR haptic feedback done right

On the lookout for a VR haptic feedback suit? Here’s one for under $549.


Augmented and Mixed Reality

This mixed reality room is so trippy it might leave you questioning reality

This looks like so much fun.

How to set up a Windows Mixed Reality headset

A sneak peek at how to set the upcoming headsets up.

Self-driving ambulances and augmented reality crime scenes: welcome to the future of first response

A fascinating future-facing look at the use of emerging tech in emergencies.

Sega to reveal Sonic the Hedgehog augmented reality experience at SDCC

Not a lot of info to go off yet aside from an odd meme-like video.



Jawbone is being liquidated as its CEO launches a related health startup

Sad news as Jawbone moves away from its consumer products.

Body heat can be the source of power for wearable devices

We might be able to power our wearables using our body heat!

This self-charging smartwatch could be great

This group are looking to use kinetic energy instead.

Designer wearables: the best fashion tech from big name labels

For those waiting for fashionable wearables, the list is growing!


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

A mysterious Amazon bot is designing medically-themed phone covers

If you’ve been looking for a phone case featuring a dialysis machine, you’re in luck! Thank me later.

Tesla makes its first Model 3

Tesla’s first Model 3 has rolled off the assembly line!

Two giants of AI team up to head off the robot apocalypse

The brains behind Google’s DeepMind and Elon Musk’s OpenAI are studying the ways AI learns to keep machines from “going rogue”.

Peering inside an AI’s brain will help us trust its decisions

A tool that reveals which aspects of a task an AI is focusing on might help us understand why machines can be tricked.

A neural approach to relational reasoning

DeepMind explores drawing logical conclusions about how physical objects, sentences and abstract ideas are related to one another.

Building chatbots: more tips and tricks

IBM shares some tips on chatbots and explain some concepts (Thanks Ian for this link!)

Amber: the dutch self-driving startup that could beat Uber, Tesla, and Google to mass market

These Dutch underdogs are planning a surprise move to overtake everyone.

For eBay, AI is ride or die

“If you’re not doing AI today, don’t expect to be around in a few years,” says Japjit Tulsi, VP of engineering at eBay.

Meet Salto, the tiny robot with a giant leap

This is a pretty neat jumping robot! (Thanks Malcolm for the link!)

How AI will help you sleep better at night

A look at some of the options out there for improving sleep with AI.

Samsung Bixby no big data enough for English speak more

The Inquirer looks at why Bixby isn’t ready for English speakers yet — Samsung say they don’t have enough data just yet to teach it.

Baidu’s Apollo platform becomes the ‘Android of the autonomous driving industry’

Baidu now “claims one of the largest partner ecosystems for an autonomous driving platform in the world”.


Internet of Things

Smart home device alerts New Mexico authorities to alleged assault

An Echo saved the day… by calling the cops on its own.

Yet another Raspberry Pi competitor that’s cheaper and 4K capable

Rock64 is a powerful credit card size developer board and it isn’t alone in the race for powerful, cheaper Pi competitors.

Raspberry Pi: Build your own turbo-charged cluster with OctaPi

A Pi-powered cluster designed to “carry out tasks in parallel in a fraction of the time it would take one of the tiny $35 boards”.

µduino is the smallest Arduino board ever created — smaller than a microSD card

They’ve got a crowdfunding campaign at the moment.

Alibaba reveals Echo-like smart speaker

The voice-controlled Tmall Genie can play music, run third-party apps and buy things from Alibaba.

Comma.AI launches an $88 universal car interface called Panda

George Hotz says “think of it like a Fitbit but for your car”.

Apple HomePod could have a more successful start than Apple Watch

The HomePod could actually be pretty successful if this research is true.

Amazon’s Alexa passes 15,000 skills, up from 10,000 in February

Amazon’s Alexa voice platform has now passed 15,000 skills!


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