For those with keen observation skills, you’ll notice a Snapcode has appeared on the right hand side of the Dev Diner site! I’ll be posting behind the scenes video of me playing around with new technology, building demos and attending tech events — to see all that and more, follow devdiner on Snapchat.

The DevDiner Snapcode (Username: devdiner)

Username: devdiner

I’ll be mostly the one posting on there to start with, but over time we’ll hopefully see lots of other faces posting on the Dev Diner snapchat account too!

Are you in emerging tech and on Snapchat?

I’m on the lookout for others also on Snapchat to include in a few Snapchat user lists for others in emerging tech to look through when they’re getting started on the platform. Send me your Snapchat username and I’ll start putting together these lists!


See you all on Snapchat!


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