I’ve just finished putting together version 1 of our global events calendar and I really hope developers out there find it useful! It’ll have links to meetups, conferences and hackathons happening around the world about virtual reality, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, wearables, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Emerging Tech Event Calendar

It’s a global calendar, with the goal of making it easier for developers out there to keep up with events that are on near them. Keep missing those meetups, conferences and hackathons? Constantly finding out about them once it’s too late? This will hopefully help!

You can find it right here on the Dev Diner Emerging Tech Event Calendar. Or as a handy link on the sidebar.

It is also filterable to your city, country or region, and filterable by category of emerging tech — so you can get specific and only keep up with VR events in Sydney, if that’s your thing. Or IoT in London. AI in Europe. It’s totally up to you. You can even subscribe with your preferred calendar app and it automatically syncs for you! I’ve got Sydney events of all kinds being synced from this events calendar to my Google Calendar right this moment.

Got an event that should be here? Get in touch with me, I’ve be happy to include it.

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