This week, we found out more about Facebook’s AR smart glasses, a new type of soft robot can heal itself and Meta revealed a video with their AR operating environment, the Meta Workspace, which looks pretty neat!

The Meta Workspace, robots that heal themselves and Facebook's AR patent

The Meta Workspace, robots that heal themselves and Facebook’s AR glasses patent

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Conferences and Competitions!

Web Directions AI (28 Sept)

The fantastic team at Web Directions have an AI conference in Sydney! If you use the code “devdiner”, you’ll get $100 off! They’ve also got a deal if you get both their AI + Summit conferences together before September 15 (you get a fancy silver Summit ticket including videos!). Check it out!

AI With The Best (14-15 Oct) & IoT With The Best (14-15 Oct)

A great conference series that is entirely online! No need to leave your home! Watch from anywhere and view the replays any time afterwards. Want 30% off? Use our code DEVDINER30! They also have a bundle for two or three conferences (they’ve got a cybersecurity one too!)

The Mercedes-Benz Digital Challenge

Create a great use case – app or otherwise – with their mock car emulator, APIs and SDKs, and you could win cash prizes and giveaways worth over €30k! Put your emerging tech enthusiasm to work and enter their 8 week Digital Challenge! Ends Sept 28th!


Virtual Reality

Important! Urgent security issue with Unity

Using Unity? You’ll want to update ASAP! There’s a Remote Code Execution flaw in the Editor. Critical security patches are available at the link above.

Leap Motion — Unity asset release

Largely bug fixes and optimisations which could be worthwhile if you’re using the Leap Motion in your project, check the releases page for details!

HTC cuts Vive price to $600 as an answer to Facebook’s Oculus Rift discounts

HTC announced a permanent price reduction from $800 to $600!

Editorial: why you might want to pause before buying HTC Vive

I’ve included this as a HTC spokesman responded to point out the changes to the Vive are more for businesses and warehouses with more space. If you’re just buying one for your apartment, the Vive is a-okay to buy!

More details on HTC Vive Standalone revealed

HTC Vive confirms Chinese and Western versions will use the same hardware.

Intel targets 8th Gen Core laptop processors at video editors and VR fans

“Intel said the chips have 40 percent better performance than the previous-generation Core processors”.

We need to look more carefully into the long-term effects of VR

Research is looking into the impact VR may have on our brains and eyes.

Inside the lab that’s learning how every VR game gets you fit

“Every gym will have some element of augmented or virtual reality in it”.

James Cameron talks VR and cinema

“It takes 100 hours of a massive render farm to do a single frame of an Avatar movie. Show me that in real-time in VR, and that will be what I’ll call true VR.” — James Cameron


Augmented and Mixed Reality

See the Meta 2’s “Meta Workspace”

Meta have released a video of their AR operating environment — your own personalized 3D AR desktop! Been considering ordering a Meta 2 Dev Kit? The pre-order price of $949 is expiring on Monday August 28!

We just learned more about Facebook’s futuristic AR smart glasses

A new patent by Oculus shows their AR glasses will use waveguide display tech, a similar approach to the Hololens but their images show they want it to be more compact like regular glasses.

Qualcomm is bringing Kinect-style AR tech to next-gen Android phones

It will likely arrive with the next flagship Snapdragon mobile platform.

Our collective facepalm has gotten so bad, AI researchers are dedicating time to it

AR filters get a bit confused when we put our hands in front of our face, this research team looked into why and how we can improve it using AI.

Aryzon AR headset used to relive Roman history

The Thermen Museum in the Netherlands will use the Google Cardboard-like Aryzon AR headset as part of an archaeology exhibit.



Google code hints at headphones that run Google Assistant

I was hoping they’d do this… but I kinda already got Here One headphones…

Fitbit may have a new way to detect an irregular heartbeat

This could really help some people out there.

Warren scores a win on bill to make hearing aids cheaper, easier to buy

The US Senate voted for an FDA bill that contains a measure to allow people to purchase hearing aids over the counter.

Jawbone Health Hub: what we know so far

Here’s what Wareable have worked out so far about the future of Jawbone.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

An open letter to the United Nations Convention on certain conventional weapons

Elon Musk and 115 founders of AI and robotics companies are calling for a worldwide ban on autonomous weapons.

A beginner’s guide to AI/ML – machine learning for humans

Some simple explanations with math, code and real-world examples.

Machines taught by photos learn a sexist view of women

Yikes — “Machine-learning software trained on the datasets didn’t just mirror those biases, it amplified them.”

Robot, heal thyself

“A new type of soft robot can go under the knife and make a full recovery in about a day.”

Google updates its Cloud Speech API with support for more languages, word-level timestamps

30 new languages are available in their speech to text API.

This salad-making machine will make you the perfect salad in 60 seconds

It “avoids any of the potential germs of customers handling food at a self-serve station and keeps produce refrigerated, helping avoid food waste.”

Introducing the Alexa Voice Service Device SDK for commercial device makers

It’s now much easier for companies to make Alexa-enabled products.

Google is reportedly working on a smaller smart speaker to take on Amazon’s Echo Dot

Google may be releasing a smaller Google Home later this year.

Samsung’s Bixby assistant is now available for Galaxy S8 owners worldwide

Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant is now global!

Disney Research taught AI how to judge short stories

Their neural networks tries to predict which stories will be most popular.

This new AI-composed pop song sounds like something from a Spotify playlist

Taryn Southern is releasing an AI-composed album called “I AM AI” where she plugged in parameters like mood, style, and tempo to auto-compose the underlying chords and instrumentation (she wrote lyrics and vocal melodies).


Internet of Things and Makers

Amazon Echo address and timezone settings available to more countries!

I’m compiling a list of countries that the Echo now lets you set your local address in. Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Canada and a few others now can set their address without hacks! I hope this will mean the Echo will be shipping to more places soon!

Raspbian Stretch has arrived for Raspberry Pi

The latest version of Raspbian is out! This blog post shows what has changed and how to update to the latest.

Maker Faire Beijing 2017 in pictures

Always fun looking through Maker Faire pics!

LoRaWAN for Raspberry Pi with worldwide frequency support

Dave Glover looks at how to use the LMIC 1.6 LoRaWAN stack on a Pi.

Build a Raspberry Pi scanner that tracks the devices connected to your local network

A really interesting idea for a project!

Arduino-based automatic guitar tuner

“This Arduino-based tuner uses Simulink to get audio input from an electric guitar and then tune each string based on this input.”

8-bit breadboard TTL CPU

“A fully functional, although very simple, computer on a breadboard.”

8 legged spider robot

A small spider robot that uses 4 linear micro servos, an Arduino Nano, Bluetooth transeiver and two lipo batteries.



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