This week, we have the powers of Wi-Fi and AI combining to see through walls, a hybrid smartwatch that sold out in 15 seconds and amazing Egyptian artwork that is being preserved in the digital world for all to enjoy in VR!

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Seeing through walls with Wi-Fi and AI, the smartwatch that sold out in 15 seconds and the Egyptian equivalent of the Sistine Chapel in VR!

Learn how to build a conversational voice assistant!

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Virtual Reality

Steam leak reveals detailed player counts for top VR games

Highest levels of players? Rec Room with 316,000! Then Job Simulator with 200,000 and Space Pirate Trainer with 179,000. They’ve got a bigger list in the article.

“Touching masterpieces” VR exhibit allows visually impaired to “see” art

Three pieces of historical art come to life for the blind using haptic gloves. What a great idea!

The VR and 360 degree documentaries you need to watch

Wareable have some recommendations for VR enthusiasts!

MixCast livestreaming application now available

MixCast lets you “create, share and broadcast mixed reality content to any audience, with almost any equipment, application and filming environment” (for free!).

Samsung looks to Anti-SDE AMOLED to improve mobile VR

The tech might get rid of that screen door effect where you can see between pixels (looks a bit like a mesh screen door). This would help mobile VR look quite nice!

HTC Vive boss: standalone headsets will justify first-gen VR’s hype

HTC’s head of VR for China says weak sales of early VR headsets came from overhype and overcomplication — the solution? Premium standalone VR headsets like the Vive Focus.

Metareal announces 3D VR tour platform availability to public

The new Metareal Stage platform lets you “create 3D VR tours using only photographic equipment”.

Seeing yourself as Einstein may change the way you think

People experiencing Albert Einstein’s body as their own through a virtual reality simulation “were less likely to unconsciously stereotype older people, while those with low self-esteem scored better on a cognitive test”.

Virtual reality may help save Ancient Egypt’s ‘Sistine Chapel’

The ancient Egyptian tomb built for Queen Nefertari has paintings that “are so beautiful that it has been compared to Italy’s Sistine Chapel”.

Relax in VR with Zen Space Flight – VR Showcase, available now

It puts you in a virtual world full of lights, colour and ambient music to help you relax in a zen environment.

New virtual reality experiences to improve rail safety for children and workers

Motion Rail Ltd has used VR to make immersive training and education programmes to help improve railway safety.

The biggest problem with the Virtual Reality industry is its definition

Brennan Hatton, a good friend of Dev Diner, wants us to look closer at the definition of VR.

Riff is Rock Band for VR without the plastic guitars and drums

Riff VR lets you strum, drum, and sing in VR with no extra peripherals needed!

International travelers at JFK use VR to escape airport crowds

A VR startup called PeriscapeVR is offering an escape for commuters at JFK International Terminal 4 – one of the busiest international terminals in the United States.

It’s time for a chemistry lesson. Put on your virtual reality goggles.

You can now manipulate molecules in VR! Similar to physical models of atoms and such used in science class, but way cooler.

Virtual Boy VR emulator takes the pain out of playing those old games

A good reminder to all to give the Virtual Boy VR emulator a go if you own a VR headset!


Augmented Reality

Snapchat preparing to upgrade camera with visual search for Amazon, report says

If so… that would be huge! Search Amazon store for things you see in the real world on Snapchat!

Hands-on: Meta’s new Meta Viewer app is the AR collaboration tool all those sci-fi films imagined

This app seems pretty darn cool, you can share notes from your phone to the headset with a swipe, collaborate in real time and more!

Aryzon AR headset 2.0 unboxing and review

Take a look at what the Google Cardboard-like Aryzon AR headset has in store!

Snapchat brings AR to theme parks

Snapchat has made a deal with Six Flags, Disney and Universal to bring AR experiences to various theme parks.

Pokémon Go launch anniversary sees revenue hit $1.8 billion

Yep, people are indeed still playing it!

Visit the Great Northern Forest with new AR experience from Greenpeace

Greenpeace has used AR to raise awareness of the destruction of the Great Northern Forest.

Reality trending — peering into the present & future of augmented reality in 2018

After the AWE conference in June, Adario Strange from Augmented Reality News put together his experiences with AR.

Niantic partners with city governments to turn Pokémon Go into a tool for community engagement

A new study looks at “how Pokémon Go and other augmented reality games can help city governments bring communities closer together”.



Professional triathlete Lucy Charles on how to train with wearables

Wearables are still a big help for athletes and they’re only getting better.

Lenovo Watch X sold out in just 15 seconds in first sale

That’s just nuts. The watch has both a mechanical dial and an OLED screen.

Jawbone’s fitness trackers are being pulled from online stores in the UK

I think it’s pretty much the end of the road for the consumer Jawbone bands by this point.

Google’s patent application shows a possible AI-driven feature to help meet your fitness goals

It gives an example of an AI that checks if you can head off early for a meeting and walk or cycle rather than taking a bus or car.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Nvidia’s AI system can remove noise from grainy photographs

Those doomsday robots you thought you could escape from in a snowstorm? Not looking good for you now (kidding, unless it’s a photo… storm?).

MIT’s ‘blind’ cheetah robot is more agile than you

In case you think you can just outrun it — “MIT’s Cheetah 3 robot is officially better at life than you” according to

Everyone thought ‘Skyrim’ coming to Amazon’s Alexa was a joke — but you can actually download the game for your Echo

Bethesda had the last laugh here and actually released it. They fooled even me, I didn’t spot it has been out since June! (Thanks to Antony for pointing this out!

An AI system for editing music in videos

Given a video of a musical performance, this AI can make individual instruments louder or softer — that’s pretty neat.

Training artificial intelligence with artificial x-rays: new research could help AI identify rare conditions in medical images by augmenting existing datasets

Engineers have designed a new approach to training AI — “using machine learning to create computer generated X-rays to augment AI training sets”.

AI weekly: if Duplex is the future, then Google assistant, Alexa, and Cortana should start working together

Khari Johnson from VentureBeat is totally right… I really hope it happens one day, this would be wonderful.

One-shot imitation from watching videos

The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab team have taught a robot to mimic human skills by watching and copying us.

This smart motorcycle helmet brings Alexa and AR to the road

Yay for AR enabled helmets!

German as an advanced language on our platform: build multilingual bots!

German is joining English, Spanish and French as an advanced language for bots!

Improving language understanding with unsupervised learning has had impressive results on a bunch of language tasks with “a scalable, task-agnostic system”.

AI spots legal problems with tech T&Cs in GDPR research project

An experimental European research project is seeing whether it can automatically find GDPR issues.

Using an AI and Wi-Fi to see through walls

Uh oh. “It’s now possible to not only see people through walls but to see how they’re moving and if they’re walking, to tell who they are”.


Internet of Things and Makers

LightBlue Bean has been discontinued but is now open to all

The Bluetooth-enabled microcontroller, the LightBlue Bean, is now being discontinued. BUT you can make your own using their now-open hardware files!

Build your own portable Arduino soldering iron

Why not, right?

Arduino lightsaber

Michael Darby, a developer with some neat skills, put together a colour changing lightsaber using an Arduino!

Internet connected power usage monitor

This Particle Photon project can monitor the power usage for your home and individual devices.

Occu-Pi uses a Raspberry Pi to let you know when the office restroom is occupied

This is GENIUS. I wish my office had this installed.

The incredible shrinking circuit: small PCBs and smaller ICs in 2018

A look at the companies who are making electronics smaller than the human eye can see.

Preparing for the Narrow Band IoT: new CEVA-Dragonfly NB2 aims to support low-power IoT devices

All About Circuits looks at the Dragonfly NB2 IoT solution and the benefits of Narrow Band IoT.

WolfMQTT client library adds end-to-end encryption for M2M and IoT

The wolfMQTT client library provides SSL/TLS encryption for the MQTT protocol.

Arduino whistle command recognition

A part Arduino, part Java project that aims to recognize compound whistle commands like activating a fan or steering a drone!


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IBM Data Science Community Day (24 July)

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AI Expo North America (28-29 Nov)

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