This week, Google patented a pair of VR shoes, they also found a workaround to enable their assistant through Siri and Jimmy Fallon had a duet with Sophia (and we met Little Sophia, coming soon to a home near you!).

Google's VR shoes, bringing Google assistant to Siri and Little Sophia meets Jimmy Fallon

Google’s VR shoes, bringing Google assistant to Siri and Little Sophia meets Jimmy Fallon


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Virtual Reality

Space Pirate Trainer is heading to PSVR

For those who need the classic VR shooter but only ever could afford a PSVR — Space Pirate Trainer is coming!

UNAIDS launches educational 360-degree series ahead of World AIDS Day

UNAIDS partnered with Google and Makhulu Media for a series of VR films about HIV testing.

HTC files Vive Cosmos trademark

A new Vive trademark filing might be for a new VR device of some sort (we have no idea yet).

Watch MVG and Rob Cross try and play Virtual Reality Darts!

Apparently, virtual darts is harder than real darts.

This new device could solve VR motion sickness

OtoTech combats motion-induced nausea without the side effects of drugs.

Underground survival experience echoes VR is heading to Kickstarter

The funding campaign is due to launch next week.

Updating the WebXR Viewer for iOS 12 / ARKit 2.0

Mozilla recently released an update to their WebXR Viewer that fixes some small bugs and updates the app to iOS 12 and ARKit 2.0

Disney’s PoseVR tool lets animators create in VR

PoseVR “lets you animate characters in a VR environment similar to how a stop-motion animator would manipulate a physical puppet, frame-by-frame”.

Google patents VR shoes that almost feel like real walking

Google patented motorised VR shoes that supposedly feel like real walking.


Augmented Reality

Snap to release new Spectacles with two cameras for $350

“By utilizing two cameras, the Snapchat app will be able to overlay AR lenses and create 3D-like photo effects from footage taken by the Spectacles”.

The DeanBeat: playing Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders on the Magic Leap One

Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat talks about his experience with “Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders”, one of the games on the Magic Leap One.

New York Times lets you visit Statue of Liberty’s torch without trip to NYC via augmented reality

New York Times readers can now view the original Statue of Liberty torch in AR!

The future of the Royal Navy’s combat systems is AR

“The Royal Navy is using AR for a futuristic UI that will promote more efficient ship wide communications”.



Oaxis’ timepiece is like a more minimalist Withings Steel HR

“Just above the 6 o’clock spot is a small 0.42-inch OLED display that shows your heart rate, messages, battery life, step count, calories burned, distance travelled, sleep tracking and more.”

Cow wearable helps Aussie farmers track livestock

“Much like a human’s smartwatch, the new ear tag technology can keep tabs on location and ‘unusual movements’, alerting cattle owners to an escaped, stolen, sick, or delivering animal.”

Newest Dialog Semiconductor PMIC tackles big IoT design issue: extending battery life for wearables

Dialog Semiconductor’s newest power management IC aims to help solve wearables’ battery life issue.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Amazon says it’s making freely available the same machine learning courses that it uses to teach its own engineers

Amazon has released the same machine learning courses that it uses to train its own engineers — totally free!

Must know information theory concepts in deep learning (AI)

A post that explains the four most common concepts in machine learning.

Probeat: we can’t get over how human Google Duplex sounds

Google’s automated restaurant booking AI is out on some Pixel phones — this article discusses the Google Duplex voice and its similarity to a human (the video of it being tried out is quite cool!).

Amazon is teaching Alexa how to read the news like a pro

Amazon “has been working on a better cadence and tone for the native Alexa voice to make it sound natural when delivering news”.

Resist Google’s attempts to turn you into a robot

This article raises a good question — are pre-programmed responses to emails teaching us to reply in ways that aren’t as human-like?

Novel machine learning technique for simulating the every day task of dressing

“Computer scientists have devised a novel computational method, driven by machine learning techniques, to successfully and realistically simulate the multi-step process of putting on clothes”.

Google DeepMind might have just solved the “black box” problem in medical AI

Having the inability to see inside AI’s decision making process within healthcare isn’t ideal — DeepMind may have found a solution.

Quick face recognition with an FPGA

It uses a “kNN algorithm”, which is a “very simple classification algorithm that uses similarities between given sets of data and a data point being examined to predict where the said data point belongs”.

Wanted: the ‘perfect babysitter.’ must pass AI scan for respect and attitude.

A start-up that requires prospective babysitters to hand over their social media accounts said it uses AI to assess them first.

This chest-mounted robot feeding arm could stuff your face when you’re too full to move

For all of you who’ve felt like two arms just wasn’t enough for your food consumption activities.

The trouble with trusting AI to interpret police body-cam video

Axon is promising its AI will be able to describe events recorded in body-cam video, but IEEE Spectrum are skeptical.

Explainable artificial intelligence (part 1) — the importance of human interpretable machine learning

A brief introduction into human interpretable machine learning and model interpretation for those keen to try to learn!

Jimmy Fallon, Sophia the robot make oddly beautiful music together

Jimmy Fallon had a duet with Sophia the robot and introduced “Little Sophia” which we’ll be able to buy in 2019.

Learning to love robots

I loved the feature image on this New Yorker piece. It’s a nice article!

They’re making a real HAL 9000, and it’s called CASE

The Cognitive Architecture for Space Exploration is best explained as similar to HAL 9000, but hopefully without the killing.

Apple puts its next generation of AI into sharper focus as it picks up Silk Labs

Apple’s latest AI acquisition was able to modify its behaviour as it learns about its users and was designed to work locally (not in the cloud).

This electronic glove can give robots a sense of touch

Stanford University researchers have created an electronic glove that gives robots a sense of touch and improves their grasping abilities.

The DIY tinkerers harnessing the power of artificial intelligence

Wired look at “some of the pioneers showing what happens when the masses can teach computers new tricks”.

Model of quantum artificial life on quantum computer

They simulated a set of models of simple organisms capable of accomplishing “the most common phases of life in a controlled virtual environment”.

Singapore’s newest security officer is a robot

“Singapore’s security robot is a four-wheeled device that moves independently along a pre-defined route”.

This emotional Lexus ad was written by an AI

“Trained by IBM Watson on 15 years’ worth of award-winning luxury advertisements and human emotional responses, the bespoke AI managed to keep its message original and on-brand.”


Internet of Things and Makers

Everything your Google Home can do is now listed on one incredibly useful website

There are over 1 million things, according to Google, so they set up a website to help you filter through them.

LG’s Google Assistant smart display has stereo speakers at a premium price

A common complaint about Google Assistant devices is that the speakers aren’t as good as Amazon — maybe this one is better?

Already impressive CNC router gets an extra axis

This DIY approach to adding an extra axis to a CNC machine turned it into a CNC lathe.

Solar-powered IoT sensor saves wine batch from overheating

For wine afficionados, here’s a way to monitor and manage that chemical process to mature some quality wine.

Google Assistant just got much better and more convenient on iOS thanks to Siri Shortcuts

You can record a phrase like “OK Google” and whenever you say “Hey Siri”, and then that phrase, the Google Assistant app will open and start listening.

Designing space-rated PCBs

A look at making PCBs for outer space from Hackaday!



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