This week, we finally got to see the HoloLens 2, we also had a peek at a spherical display that lets two users view a VR world at once, we also have a look at the Varjo VR-1 has a resolution of about that of the human eye, a new Kinect from Microsoft and more!

The new HoloLens 2, a spherical VR display and the Varjo VR-1

The new HoloLens 2, a spherical VR display and the Varjo VR-1


Virtual Reality

Life as a VR dev — chatting with Antony Vitillo, the skarredghost

Antony Vitillo, Skarredghost, discussed his VR/AR experiments, tips for becoming a virtual reality developer and what he sees coming this year with me for this Dev Diner article!

Qualcomm wants your phone to drive your next VR and AR headsets

They want to use 5G, their Snapdragon 855 platform and OEM headsets to bring you VR/AR headsets.

Why the high-end doesn’t make sense for Nintendo’s foray into VR

A solid look at how Nintendo is most likely to enter the VR market.

Kellogg’s works with Accenture for VR & eye tracking merchandise plan

Kellogg’s see’s 18% bump in sales after using VR to recreate supermarket shelves for researching the best placement of their brand’s boxes.

‘History of the Future’ book reveals canceled Oculus Rift successors Tuzi and Venice

Blake Harris’ “The History Of The Future” book reveals two canceled Oculus Rift successor projects codenamed Tuzi and Venice we didn’t know about before.

Beat Saber and Subpac wearable audio tech want to bring the beat to deaf players

Subpac offers a backpack-like subwoofer to help deaf players feel the music instead. Such a nice idea!

This guy is spending a full week in VR, for science

Yet another person is going many hours straight in VR… this time it is 168 hours with multiple headsets.

Researchers discover security flaws in Bigscreen VR app

The issues have since been fixed but make sure you’ve got the update!

HTC announces full 6 DOF standalone headset Vive Focus Plus (+ thorough review on its 6 DoF controllers)

HTC announced the Vive Focus Plus, a full 6 DoF version of the Vive Focus, featuring 6 DoF controllers. Here’s Skarredghost’s hands on look at them.

HTC just dropped a preview of their Vive Cosmos controllers

The HTC Vive Cosmos, a combination PC/mobile 6DoF headset featuring inside-out tracking and a flip-up visor, has had a preview of its controller emerge.

Social VR app vTime opens a window to augmented reality users with iOS & Android app

You place the virtual environment in your real-world space and either monitor or get involved in various vTime virtual chat sessions. It’s a curious way of bringing VR environments into AR.

A virtual reality check for cancer research

VR is being used to aid in diagnostics and treatment for young cancer patients by the CSIRO, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, the Children’s Cancer Institute and Start VR.

Retina resolution headset puts the “reality” into “virtual reality”

Marketed towards industry, Varjo has a resolution of more than 60 pixels per degree – 20x higher than current headsets out there.

Spherical display brings virtual collaboration closer to reality

Researchers have developed a ball-shaped VR display that supports up to two users at a time that has a distortion-free 3D image even when viewed from multiple angles.


Augmented Reality

Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 is an enterprise workhorse, but it’s sexy, too, here’s a close-up look

The new HoloLens is focused on enterprise with a field of view twice as big as the HoloLens 1, better gesture interaction and more.

Bringing Firefox Reality to HoloLens 2

This is really exciting news for WebXR. The HoloLens 2 will be so open that the Firefox Reality browser will be available on it!

Tim Sweeney’s 2 minutes on stage at HoloLens 2 event says a lot about AR openness

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, a veteran critic of Microsoft, praised its openness this week.

Magic Leap CEO: we’re dead serious about the ‘Magicverse’

Magic Leap are “collecting partners to build the Magicverse, a network that will bind physical and digital worlds”. It’ll be interesting to see who ends up making the dominant digital world in our future.

The Litho controller is sci-fi jewelry for your iPhone’s AR apps

They look like a set of miniature sci-fi brass knuckles but are motion controllers for the iPhone to bring its AR some better hand tracking.

Vuzix reveals first smartglasses running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 with the M400

Vuzix’s AR M400 headset uses the Snapdragon XR1 chip that was designed to for AR wearables.

Smartglasses maker Nreal partners with Qualcomm and LG Uplus

Nreal has partnered with Qualcomm for 5G connectivity and LG Uplus for “value-added compatible devices” with their smartglasses.

‘Zingoshi Chronicles’ uses AR to help children build confidence

It teaches creative problem-solving skills, leadership and confidence through story and adventure instead of violence.

Apple is prioritizing AR — and that’s a good thing

“When harnessed for the public good, not simply frivolous enhancements to the gaming world, AR has the potential to usher in transformative progress”.

Microsoft workers revolt against army’s planned combat use of HoloLens

“The employees, many of whom have worked on the product for years, say they want HoloLens to be used for good, not war, per a new $480 million Army contract”.

Microsoft CEO defends US military contract that some employees say crosses a line

Despite that, it doesn’t look like Microsoft is budging on that Army contract.

Microsoft expands its augmented reality app portfolio from HoloLens to Android & iOS

“Microsoft unveiled plans to port its Remote Assist app to Android, and unveiled a new app for displaying 3D models called Product Visualize, both of which are part of the Dynamics 365 enterprise platform”.

Samsung jumps to head of mobile AR class with Galaxy S10 5G & 3D depth sensor, shows off AR concept video

The Galaxy S10 5G has a 3D depth-sensing camera that can capture 3D images, measure and map real world spaces in detail, and use fast connectivity to keep latency down.

Aryzon pop-up

Aryzon, a Google Cardboard style headset, now has a simpler design that just folds out super easily. You can order custom prints of it too.

North cuts employees after slicing price of Focals smartglasses

They reduced the Focals smartglasses’ price by nearly 50% but have also needed to cut 150 of their over 400 employees to keep things going over the next few years.



Home Connect adds Fitbit as the first wearable to its growing lineup of connected partners and products

You’ll soon be able to control your smart home devices with your Fitbit!

The Nubia Alpha is a ridiculous, bendy smartwatch concept made real

It’s a bendy screened smartwatch!


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Google is bringing the Assistant to its Messages app

Most impressively — it will use on-device AI for it so none of your conversations will be sent to Google.

Qualcomm launches its first platform made for robots

Qualcomm revealed a platform designed for robots and drones.

Microsoft shrinks Kinect into a $399 cloud-powered PC peripheral

“Microsoft is now packaging up all of its impressive work with Kinect into a tiny sensor that it’s hoping businesses will now pick up and use.”

Mesh Wi-Fi systems with Alexa built-in: redefining how users interact with their wireless network

The Qualcomm Mesh Networking Development Kit for Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS) aims to speed up the integration of AVS into mesh Wi-Fi systems.

How AI can boost your business

On Tony Robbins’ podcast, Hypergiant CEO Ben Lamm explained how AI can help serve clients “like nothing else can”.

AI weekly: experts say OpenAI’s controversial model is a potential threat to society and science

An Open AI model wasn’t fully released due to worries about malicious use. “As a result, the wider community cannot fully verify or replicate the results”.

Music created by artificial intelligence is better than you think

This Medium post believes AI “doesn’t have to be a threat to human musicians. It might actually improve their melodies.”

Google Cloud’s speech APIs get cheaper and learn new languages

“The service now also supports seven new languages: Danish, Portuguese/Portugal, Russian, Polish, Slovakian, Ukrainian and Norwegian Bokmål.” It also features the ability to optimise audio playback for specific devices.

Google Assistant needs more “action” if it wants to challenge Amazon’s Alexa skills

As of last month, Google had 4,253 actions for its Assistant and Home products in the US, whereas Alexa had 60,000 Skills.

This robotics museum in Korea will construct itself (in theory)

“The planned Robot Science Museum in Seoul will have a humdinger of a first exhibition: its own robotic construction”.

Sphero RVR is a hackable robot tank

“Sphero RVR (pronounced “rover”) launched on Kickstarter this week to great interest, surpassing its $150,000 goal in less than 24 hours.”


Researchers teach autonomous cars to predict pedestrian movement

“University of Michigan researchers are teaching self-driving cars to recognize and predict pedestrian movements with greater precision.”

AI-powered apps could make us more creative—or less human

Wired asks the question — “Google, Microsoft, and other tech companies keep injecting more and more smarts into our daily tasks. Will we become indistinguishable, or truly free?”

Inside the Alexa-friendly world of Wikidata

Wikidata gives virtual assistants like Alexa lots of info to draw upon — Wired has a closer look.

Artificial intelligence to boost Earth system science

A new study showed that AI can substantially improve our understanding of the Earth’s climate.

NOVA Entertainment launches interactive voice experience for listeners

Through Alexa, listeners of Nova’s radio station will be able to ask Nova “Who sings this song?”, “What song is this?” or give feedback and tell Nova that they love a certain song. (Guess what? I’ll be working at NOVA Entertainment soon to keep developing this and other cool stuff!)


Internet of Things and Makers

ARM unveils security certification testing for IoT devices

ARM has a new Platform Security Architecture certification test to ensure IoT applications are safer.

An Arduboy built into a playable Game Boy Advance FPGA cartridge!

YouTuber, uXeBoy, built an Arduboy Game Boy Advance cartridge so you can use the Arduino microcontroller-powered system with the Game Boy Advance screen and controls.

Build your own voice-activated home automation system with the Gentleman Maker’s posh butler

The Gentlemen Maker team show how to use a Raspberry Pi to make your own posh home automation system!

Balena drops balenaFin carrier board for the Raspberry Computer Module 3/3+ (formerly has officially released their balenaFin V.1.1 Carrier Board for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 and 3+

How to set up home automation through the Telegram Messenger app

Now there’s a new interface for an IoT system! Pretty neat.

How to turn a Raspberry Pi into a 4G LTE router

Using a 4G LTE dongle with a Raspberry Pi to create a 4G LTE router to provide Wi-Fi internet access to a whole home.

ON semiconductor releases RSL10 IoT sensor development kit with ultra low-power Bluetooth radio

“The combined package is aimed at helping engineers to more quickly develop low-power IoT applications and bring them successfully to market.”

Expert view: building a future-proof smart home

A Medium post looking at how we can approach the IoT in a more forward facing way.

IoT connectivity using cellular modules design contest w/ Mouser electronics and Digi

Mouser is giving away 10 Digi XBee3™ Cellular LTE-M and XBee3™ NBIOT Cellular Development Kits in their latest design contest.


Events and Conference Discount Codes!

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