This week was a bit of a quieter week, we’ve got an Oculus Quest update, the first new app in the Rebble store, a VR mat patent for Xbox, more movement around Apple’s AR efforts and more!

Looking at Oculus hand tracking, Pebble smartwatches and a possible Xbox VR mat patent

Looking at Oculus hand tracking, the first Rebble app and a possible Xbox VR mat patent!


Virtual Reality

How to delete apps in unknown sources on the Oculus Quest!

Can’t work out how to remove apps from your Unknown Sources on the Oculus Quest after doing a bit of VR dev? I looked at a few ways to do just that.

Oculus Quest’s hand-tracking drains just 7 minutes from headset’s battery life

Adding hand-tracking to the Oculus Quest doesn’t have much of an impact on battery life at all — very cool!

How to update your Oculus Quest (manually or automatically)

Tony, aka SkarredGhost, put together both a video and text based guide to updating your Quest.

Scientists develop artificial skin that allows you to feel in VR

“The self-sensing material forms to a user’s body, providing next-level haptic feedback”.

Microsoft patent application details pressure sensitive floor mat for VR

It looks like a potential VR gaming mat for the next Xbox.

Hands-on: Vive Cosmos offers new possibilities, for a price

It’ll be US$699 and won’t require lighthouse sensors — but you will need to still tether it to a VR-ready PC.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR dated for February 2020 launch

Pre-orders for the upcoming PlayStation VR title are now available including a Deluxe Edition.

Hands-on review on Oculus Quest 3DoF mode and passthrough+!

SkarredGhost looks at the new features of the Oculus Quest that came through in the latest update.

How Resolution Games is making multiple VR and AR titles at once

Tommy Palm, one of the people behind Candy Crush Saga, has his new VR/AR game studio building a whole bunch of games.

VR treatment could help veterans suffering with PTSD

A new study finds that VR could be used to help military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Choose your own adventure walking dead VR game arrives on headsets early 2020

“The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners” is a survival-horror RPG VR game set within the Walking Dead universe.

VR models help yield better surgical outcomes

“Researchers found that using 3D models to prepare for kidney tumor surgeries resulted in substantial improvements, including shorter operating times”.


Augmented Reality

Apple acquires motion capture firm iKinema, adding another piece to its augmented reality toolbox

“On Friday, Apple confirmed the acquisition of a UK-based firm called iKinema, which specialises in 3D motion captures of human figures”.

Harry Potter fans can now summon a wizarding world sorting hat in augmented reality

The existing sorting hat game has a new mobile app with an AR sorting hat that can appear on your head.

What Apple’s U1 chip tells us about its future AR and smartwatch plans

We live in exciting times where hopefully we’ll see some AR hardware from Apple one day soon.

Dimension NXG’s new headset brings rural Indian schools into the future of augmented reality

This group are looking to give a new kind of AR headset to schoolchildren in remote Indian villages, starting from class 5 (age 10) until graduation.

Apple’s ARKit 3 casts next-level illusions via Meisai AR app

The new Meisai AR Filter app creates interesting visual illusions.

Facebook leak reveals Zuckerberg’s plans for brain-controlled AR & VR in wake of Elon Musk’s Neuralink development

There was a leak of comments from Mark at an internal Q&A event, some of the comments show a bit of his thinking around Neuralink.



Rebble app store has its first new app since launch!

The Pebble smartwatch ecosystem finally had a new app launch — an RSS reader!

How to take an ECG reading on Fitbit

A new third-party app lets you take an ECG reading.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Toyota using VR to train robots to assist the elderly

VR and robotics, working together!

Watch a two-legged robot balance and spin thanks to drone propellers

It is a bit of a noisy solution but kinda cool.

Facebook’s AI uses schemas to teach robots to manipulate objects in less than 10 hours of training

This technique trains AI in under 10 hours.

An interview with Dr. Stuart Russell, author of “Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control”

TechCrunch had interview with the author of a book asking us to rethink AI before it’s too late.

Artificial stupidity: “move slow and fix things” could be the mantra AI needs

Rather than “move fast and break things” — this piece asks whether we need to rethink that when it comes to building AI.

A fancy robot cop couldn’t call for help during an emergency so people just used their phones

Instead it was mainly keen on reminding people to “keep the park clean”.

Secretive seattle startup picnic unveils pizza-making robot — here’s how it delivers 300 pies/hour

One of the best uses for robotics.

Streamlit launches open-source machine learning application development framework

They have a new open-source tool to make it easier for machine learning engineers to create custom apps to interact with the data in their models.

Google’s highly scalable AI can generate convincingly humanlike speech

“Researchers at Google and Imperial College London propose an AI model that generates humanlike speech while requiring less computational horsepower”.


Internet of Things and Makers

Google’s Jacquard tech is back in four new Levi jackets

Having sensors and tech magic within outfits is moving to a bunch of new jackets.

PCB thermal management techniques

All About Circuits discuss design practices for better thermal management.

Concurrency and interrupts in microcontrollers and embedded systems

All About Circuits explain the idea of concurrency and interrupts.


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