This week, Samsung’s 4K all-in-one VR headset design was revealed, Apple’s patent for tech to track hand gestures emerged, a Sydney man implanted his travel card into his hand and Volvo admits their self-driving cars are incredibly confused by kangaroos.

Opal card inserted into a hand, kangaroo hanging out and Samsung's new headset reference design

I think this might be the first issue to feature a kangaroo in the image!

Virtual Reality

Have we properly considered personal space in virtual reality?

Want to make an engaging virtual reality app? There is so much involved in calculating appropriate personal space!

Samsung reveals 4K ExynosVR standalone reference design with eye-tracking

This is exciting! A look at Samsung’s all-in-one VR headset.

Samsung field patent for magnetic controllers for VR

The controllers would have “more visceral and accurate hand-tracking”.

Oculus now supports mixed reality capture natively

It is now easier for devs to record mixed reality videos.

Design a pleasant user experience inside the VR

A well thought out look into designing for VR. Worth a read!

Palmer Luckey donates to software that breaks Oculus exclusivity

This is good! Palmer still cares about keeping VR games cross-platform!

Equal Reality is moving fast, and we want your help to improve diversity with virtual reality

Our friends at Equal Reality are working on reducing unconscious bias using VR and they’re doing incredibly well. They’ve got a mobile VR prototype too!

GoogleVR Cardboard: Switch between normal mode and VR mode at run-time

How to toggle VR mode in Unity-based Cardboard apps.

Manus VR showcase physical interaction ahead of dev kit shipments

Here’s a short preview video of these tracking gloves!

Making VR accessible for people with physical disabilities

Walkin VR is making it easier for people with physical disabilities to use VR.

You won’t escape Google ads in VR

Google ads are coming to VR at some point, but Engadget say they might not be as grating as you think.

Thermoreal lets you feel heat, cold and even pain in VR and AR

Yep. The one thing we’ve been asking for is to feel pain in VR. Thanks.


Augmented and Mixed Reality

Apple invents a 3D depth mapping camera for hand gesturing interfaces for future Macs and smartglasses

More of a glimpse into Apple’s plans for their AR future.

Windows Mixed Reality – Acer and HoloLens side-by-side

This YouTube video shows Acer’s VR headset and HoloLens working together.

Alpha Glass gives you a dose of AR without looking like a Glasshole

These AR glasses are looking for crowdfunding from devs who want AR glasses that don’t look as bulky or obvious.

Augmented reality studio castAR reportedly closes its doors

castAR, formed by Valve’s former AR team, has reportedly shut down.

Apple ARKit user puts a color changing Tesla Model 3 in his driveway before the car’s release

The power of AR!



Sydney man has Opal card implanted into hand to make catching public transport easier

We spoke about insertables with Kayla Heffernan in May, now this Sydney guy has done some hackery to make his public transport journey easier!

What’s going on with those Android Wear 2.0 notification issues?

If you’ve been having issues seeing some notifications on Android Wear 2.0, it turns out… you’re not the only one!

Fitbit working on Charge 3 and Blaze 2 trackers for 2018

The company isn’t pulling everything to its smartwatch, which I’d say is a good thing. Its other trackers are still being improved.

How much sleep do Fitbit users really get? A new study finds out

Always interesting to see studies that use connected devices like Fitbits!

Heart rate variability: why we are glad to see Fitbit and Garmin embrace it

If you’re working on wearables for health, consider measuring heart rate variability too, rather than just the typical heart rate monitoring.


Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Lessons from giving Melissa, a virtual assistant, its own UI interface

Tanay Pant, a friend of Dev Diner, spoke with us about bringing a UI interface to his open-source AI chatbot, Melissa.

Run Google Assistant on your Amazon Echo

An implementation of the Google Assistant API wrapped as an Alexa skill!

Teaching robots to learn about the world through touch

Research published on teaching the Baxter robot about objects through repeated interactions with them.

Microsoft squeezed AI onto a Raspberry Pi

They’ve found a way to compress their neural networks to occasionally be able to run on a Raspberry Pi. That’s not easy to do!

Instagram unleashes a smart algorithm to blast away nasty comments

Let AI take care of those trolls so we don’t have to. Hooray!

MIT CSAIL research offers a fully automated way to peer inside neural nets

Peeking into those mysterious neural nets is a tough challenge to solve!

Volvo’s self-driving cars can’t get their heads around kangaroos

You know what’s challenging for self-driving cars? Kangaroos. Just ask Volvo.

Artificial synapses could lead to smarter AI

By replicating our brain’s 100 trillion synapses, scientists hope to boost the versatility of artificial neural networks.

The reality of automating customer service chat with AI today

Using AI in customer service is a common use case, here are some real world considerations that need to go into implementing such a system.

Adobe launches voice analytics for Siri, Alexa, and other intelligent assistants

Adobe Analytics Cloud can now track the performance of assistants like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Samsung’s Bixby.

Volvo and Autoliv aim to sell self-driving cars with Nvidia AI tech by 2021

Volvo, Autoliv and Nvidia are making real steps to get to self-driving cars!

Ford creates a new dedicated robotics and AI research team

I’m surprised they didn’t already have one?


Internet of Things

The state of boards: small, simple hardware rules

A great look at microcontroller boards and single-board computers.

Alibaba is about to launch an Amazon Echo competitor for China that only speaks mandarin

Amazon Echo-like devices are popping up everywhere!

How to make your own smart speaker

Seeing as everyone else is making a smart speaker, why not you too? Right?

CIA contractors fired for stealing from hacked IoT snack machines

Not our snacks! Let them take anything but our snacks!

Manage a fleet of drones

Controlling a fleet of drones using NodeJS, Raspberry Pi, AWS IoT and Amazon Alexa! (Thanks Malcolm for this link!)

Google accidentally pushed Bluetooth update for home speaker early

Looks like you can start pairing with Bluetooth devices even sooner!

Google Home rolls out multiple account access in UK

I assume this was on purpose.

Android Things developer preview 4.1 is out, with improvements to Play services and more

It’s a small update but useful to know for anyone working with this!


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